Outreach Ministry & Community Service

How Trinity Church Serves Our Community

The Outreach Committee of Trinity Episcopal Church recognizes that family is at the heart of all communities and is in constant need of being nurtured and preserved for the welfare of society.  The committee is committed to the support of the family in its various forms: locally, regionally, and globally, as we feel called to serve God’s children.

All are welcome to help with this mission.  Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to join in this important work.

As a Downtown Ministry Center, Trinity Episcopal Church welcomes a wide diversity of community organizations. Groups and Ministries that call Trinity “Home” include:


  • The Children’s Clothing Closet
  • Christian Family Counseling
  • Kiwanis Aktion Club
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Canterbury Way
  • Area Clergy Meetings
  • United Baptist Church
  • Second Place East, Inc. Meetings

The Parish actively supports: