Lay Ministry

Eucharistic Ministers

This group of ministers administer the Sacrament at the Eucharist and to those who are unable to be with us, taking the Sacrament out from the actual liturgy. This ministry involves training and licensing on the parish and diocesan level.


This ministry involves the preparing and reading of Holy Scripture during worship. There is no licensing involved with this ministry. However, this ministry is one of importance in the liturgy and those desiring to perform it are asked to see the Rector for training. 

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The Prayers of the People which takes various forms in our liturgy is led by a group of lay ministers called Intercessors. This ministry is performed from within the congregation, either at a lectern or from the pews, thus the Prayers of the People are led from the midst of the people. Some instruction and training are provided by the Rector.


Acolytes are traditionally the youth of the parish who assist the Celebrant during the service. They may carry the cross, receive the offering, lead the Gospel procession and assist in the preparation of the Sacrament. The work of an acolyte is a privilege. 

Altar Guild 

The Altar Guild work consists of caring for the altar vessels, linens, candles and flowers. Members are also responsible for cleaning the Sacristy and Sanctuary. The Altar Guild prepares for the Sunday service as well as weddings and funerals. Members also deliver altar flowers to hospital patients and shut-ins after Sunday service. On Christmas and Easter, they arrange for shut-ins to receive a poinsettia or an Easter lily. 


Seaman’s Institute Knitters 

The Seaman’s Institute Knitters are part of a nationwide Episcopal project. The knitters make sweater vests, hats, gloves and socks. The knitting from our region is given out in Christmas packages to those who are either out to sea, on the St. Lawrence Seaway or on the Inland Waterway. 

Pastoral Care Team

Contact, care and connection are the ministries of the Pastoral Care Team. Anyone is welcome to become involved with activities which include sending greeting cards to our shut-ins, those who are ill, those with birthdays and anniversaries, and those who are grieving. Other projects include knitting or crocheting prayer shawls for parishioners in need and every baby baptized at Trinity and making no-sew blankets for the Salvation Army Safe-House. Contact the Parish Office about your needs or how you can help. 

The Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team plans and promotes various functions in support of our Parish Community. The team is very active and works with other organizations as well as independently to coordinate many dinners, luncheons, fund raisers, funeral receptions and other events throughout the year. Contact the Parish Office if you’d like to join in. 

Recognition Sunday

On Recognition Sunday Trinity thanks members of the Parish Family who have served in the past year. As each ministry is named, all those who have contributed to that particular ministry are invited to come forward and place flowers in a wreath of vines. The completed circle of flowers symbolizes our lives together in mission, ministry, and fellowship. Recognized similarly are those who serve the greater community beyond the life of the church. This ceremony occurs annually in June during worship time and is followed by a brunch hosted by the Fellowship Team.


Altar Flowers

Did you know that you could place flowers on our altar each week to recognize a special event (birthday, anniversary, graduation, family visiting, the birth of a child/grandchild, etc…) or the flowers could be placed in memory of a loved one? Suggested cost is $40.00. Please contact the Parish Office.